What Inspires You? Everyone is inspired by something different. Here at Volunteer Invest, we are inspired by the foundations we work with and all the good they do to help children in Ghana, India, and South Africa. We’re also inspired by the passion of our volunteers, who willingly give up their time and the conveniences of life at home to travel to another country and work to make the world a better place. But enough about us, we want to know what inspires you!

Whether you have volunteered with us before, volunteered with another organization, or have not volunteered yet but hope to one day, we would love to know what inspired you to come to your decision. Did you have a friend or family member volunteer abroad and feel moved by the stories of their experience? Perhaps you were inspired by a global studies class in school? Or maybe it was a documentary about global poverty you found during a Netflix binge? Whatever the reason may be, we want to hear about it! Send us an email, video, letter, whatever suits you best, and let us know what inspired you to get involved in volunteering abroad.

Listen to what inspires Seth who runs our programmes in Ghana:


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