Volunteer Invest boasts a personal approach. We are here to support you… every step of the way. Whether that is tweeting your fundraising page, offering on-the-job moral support, or tailoring our projects to suit your needs.


Fancy a chat –  With a strong team of passionate individuals, our staff are working round the clock to make your volunteering dreams a reality, and when we are working, we are available to you. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Reach us through any of these social platforms and of course through our exciting and ever expanding website.

Don’t panic – If you want to speak to us urgently, chat to us with even faster responses via WhatsApp, on the phone, or using Skype. Whatever country you are in- we can help whenever you need us.


Volunteer Invest Support


We have all been there… or at least our team have – sometimes the only people who can help is the people who have had first-hand experience in what you are going through. Our staff have worked abroad, volunteered, and lived in the places you will be volunteering at! This means we can offer you the right assistance and advice, should you need anything.

Variety is the spice of life – We recognise that each of our volunteers are unique, and wants something different from their experience. That’s why work around you. If there is anything specific, personally or professionally you want to work on while you embark on your journey we can help you achieve it!

We are flexible – With organisation and preparation our side, and some commitment your side, you slot right in to the job whenever you are ready- whether that is next month or next year, for 2 weeks or six months! Our programmes are running all year round, the incredible people and projects we work with never stop!


We always want to talk to you. Get in touch!

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