The Bobbi Bear Story continues with The Growing Tree. I’m 29 years-old, I was born in South Africa, I am the youngest of the three children and lost my son when he was only 7 in 2008, only a year after my father had passed away.

My parents’ divorce took its toll on the rest of the family as it was extremely hard on us since we were used to staying with both a mother and father, in a small family. When we left to stay with my mother’s family it was difficult as we went from a family of five to a family of seventeen.

My mother is 62 years old and she does not work, which means I’m tasked with providing for my mum, taking care of her – this comes very easily to me as my mother is my idol and I love her dearly.

In 1999, I was still in school when I used to see the ladies from my community going to Illovo every Wednesday. One day I asked them where they were going and they told me they were going to the Tree clinic. I asked one of the ladies if I could join them and they said that I could come along but schoolwork got in the way. A year later, I went to the Tree clinic three times and introduced myself to the clinic’s director.


Carry it Home

She was asked to train me so I could work for Bobbi Bear as I loved the work they were doing, due to its embeddedness in the community and its importance in making these abused women feel safe after their most traumatic experiences. Like many other women, I was inspired and motivated by the Tree clinic’s work which helps so many women believe there are still people willing to help.


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