Volunteer in Ghana


Volunteers with a love of sport and real enthusiasm for working with children are well suited to our Sports Teaching project in Ghana.

Volunteers on this project work with young children and older Ghanaians to help develop their interest in a range of sports and increase their skill base. In addition to the physical benefits of sports education, this project helps in developing the mental discipline of the children, as well as heightening their alertness and coordination.

The Sports Teaching project will generally involve physical training, teaching the children how to work as a team, bringing the best out in the players, and encouraging children to have more self-confidence. Football/soccer is a popular sport in Ghana, however volunteers are also encouraged to introduce new sports to the children. To teach these sports, volunteers may need to bring equipment from home, as there is a chance it may not be available for purchase in Ghana.

Volunteers do not need any previous teaching experience to participate on the Sports Education project, however it is important to note that volunteers may be required to teach other classes during their project, such as Math, English, Science or Social Studies (Geography and History) as sports is usually taught in the afternoon and early evening. During the school holidays, volunteer will work on school holiday workshops that will be created by the school directors, placement staff and volunteers.



Miles Erickson

Volunteer Programme length – 6 weeks

Not everybody has a desire to make change in the world, and fewer still are willing to sacrifice the comfort of first world living to do so. I say to anybody that is reading through the testaments of previous volunteers.. Go! I met special people in the special place that is Ghana, and I will be returning as soon as I can. I visited multiple programs, including the Green, Silver, Turquoise, and Amber. Each program offers something uniquely special, and you cannot go wrong at any of them. Evans, Gideon, Benedict, Elvis, Ike, George, Benjamin and Mina are all people that I consider close to my heart. The food was excellent everywhere I went, and I even had the opportunity to catch a movie at the Accra mall (Let’s Be Cops). Kokrobrite, Cape Coast, and other amazing places offer opportunities to “live a little”, but my favourite thing about Ghana was the hospitality and the kindness of its people. I love working with kids, and I will never forget the faces and names of the children I became closest with. Depending on the duration of your stay, you will go through some challenges (adjusting to bargaining and public transportation and – most likely – being stared at nearly everywhere you go) but if you have a kind heart and an open mind you will never regret committing some time, effort, and love to the people of  Ghana. Shout out to my guys Evans and Gideon!!

Yasmin Gray

Volunteer programme length – 2 weeks

Ghana described in one word: happiness. There is happiness everywhere – in the streets, in food, in people’s homes and especially in people’s hearts. If you ever felt down or home sick the happiness inside of them without a doubt made you smile once again. Ghana is the friendliest country I have ever been to and the children, along with the views and volunteers are guaranteed to create some of the best memories in your life. I really do feel that I made a difference which feels amazing!





What you can expect from the tailor made Volunteer Investment Programme


You will be based in Senya-Beraku, Ghana for 3 weeks and will contribute to an investment programme fee that covers all in-country associated costs and supports the work and mission directly.

80% of the fee goes directly to the Ghana project to cover the cost of caring for the children, their running costs and your VIP experience.

This is a fund raising initiative for the charity on a not-for-profit basis. We offer fund raising support and encourage you to explore fun ways to take the leap from home to abroad.

Ghana Investment Programme: 

***£1000*** 3 weeks 

Additional weeks: £200

This includes:

Transportation: Pick-up and drop off from Accra (Kotoka International Airport), transport to the project area, Senya-Beraku

Detailed orientation

Authentic local meals x3 daily

Purified drinking water

Comprehensive pre-departure and in-country support

Clean accommodation with utilities included

Some contribution into the project

Certificate upon completion of programme

Reference letter upon request

Debriefing/send-off gathering


Becky’s Foundation has a close connection with football, with premier footballer Christian Atsu (Ghana/Newcastle) leading the way as their ambassador.