Abuse of children in South Africa is still growing. HIV/AIDS is one of the main causes of this because there is a persistent superstition that sexual acts with minors can cure this disease.

Operation Bobbi Bear fight tirelessly for the rights of young victims, to rescue and protect.


Volunteerinvest.org was created in 2015 to support the organisations on the ground that Arms Around the Child have been fundraising for for over a decade. This is a new social enterprise set up to create regular and sustainable financial support for charities doing great work on the ground, supporting the lives of vulnerable children.

About the Volunteer Investment Programme

This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with a family run, dedicated charity in Durban, South Africa. Bobbi Bear has outreach programmes working with the local communities to educate, rescue. They support vulnerable children throughout the abuse cases, from first police contact until the court case and after.

Once you are a Bobbi Bear child, you stay a Bobbi Bear child. (https://youtu.be/kW9ZYXhScls)

What you can expect

-Go to emergency call-outs and support the Child Safety Officers throughout the abuse case, from police station, to hospital to court and trauma recovery.

-Be closely involved with the rescue children; comforting them, counselling them and loving them

-Go to the police, hospital and court seeing the abuse cases through from start to finish.

-Gain insight and experience in social welfare in South Africa.

-Build awareness and give lectures to rural schools to raise awareness about sensitive issues such as HIV / AIDS, sexual abuse and sex education

-Attend ‘The Tree’, a Bobbi Bear outreach programme that brings rural communities together to share stories and empower women and children.



You will be based in Durban, South Africa for 4 weeks, and will contribute to an investment programme fee that covers all in-country associated costs. 80% of the fee goes directly to Bobbi Bear to cover the cost of caring for the children, their running costs and your VIP experience.

Bobbi Bear Investment Programme: ****£1400 4 weeks****

Additional weeks: £200 per week

The investment includes:


Bobbi Bear is around 40 minutes drive from the Durban airport. A member of the Bobbi Bear staff will meet you off your flight.

THREE DAYS TRAINING **plus manual** – on arrival

Mumma Thuli, a long serving member of the Bobbi Bear family will guide you through everything you need to know about working with Bobbi Bear during your stay. You will learn about the history of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, how they use ‘the bear’ and what procedures you will need to go through when a case comes into Bobbi Bear HQ.


Bobbi Bear HQ is a beautiful and very secure house. You will have your own bed, hot shower, wifi, fridge/freezer in room, air con, kitchen and tea/coffee. You will stay with other volunteers. A great way to bond and make friends.


You will be guided through every step of your VIP programme. You will be assigned a member of staff to answer any pre-trip questions and a member of the Bobbi Bear team will support you throughout your volunteer programme

Some meals are included and there is a large food market close by

You will have some time off to explore South Africa. Bobbi Bear staff are happy to arrange trips with you trips to visit a Zulu family, safari, traditional street markets, night tours etc etc

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