It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that keeping our mental health in mind is important for all of us.

The daily stresses of modern life can send us spiralling into dizzy, anxious panics, aided by our eccentric obsessive and addictive culture. The media then digs holes for us to have to constantly be on the lookout for, or we could easily trip and fall.  

In our western world there is constantly more and more opportunity, so why are people feeling more and more deflated? It is not uncommon, and it is much more logical than you might think.

Let’s take a look at evolution. Our brains are hard wired to protect and defend against any potential dangers that might threaten our future existence. That is of course, being the strongest of all species, how we all ended up here in the first places.

When we were cavemen, if we were faced with a tiger, it’s certain our heart would race, we would sweat, we would want to flee from the situation, our breathing would quicken and we would get a rush of adrenaline. Many people are now getting those same feelings walking into work on a Monday morning, checking emails, even sifting through magazines or checking how many likes you received on your recent profile picture.  

We can’t choose the direction the west is going. But we can look at our own path with in it. There are some fantastic ways to treat our minds.

Volunteer Invest Five Ways to Wellbeing

Volunteering abroad – a radical way to well-being

Here is how volunteering abroad can achieve incredible results for our mental health.

Directly helping someone else – We are a social species! We didn’t get here by ourselves. That’s why it feels so fantastic when we help other people. It’s in our blood!

Learning – Learning is fundemntal to us. We get a incredible sense of reward and achievement when we develop new skills. Using practical skills to tackle a problem, and seek out solutions feels great!

Social skills – Especially the kinds of personal skills we learn that we can use personally, and in our everyday life. Such as compassion, understanding and being aware of different cultures, backgrounds and needs…

Being part of a team – whether we are the leadership type, or play the submissive type we all have a role to play. Being part of a team who encourages, inspires and motivates is invaluable when it goes to happiness.

Being part of something bigger than yourself – the best one! We are all guilty of getting a little bit self involved. When you realise the world is bigger than your bedroom you realise the possibilities are endless. Ambition is within all of us, and its exciting to see how much you can achieve!

Life satisfaction – am I really having that much of a positive effect serving cocktails in a jar? We have all been there. But it’s easier to make a difference than you might think…and when you make a difference to peoples life, instead of peoples glass, the zest for life comes back quicker than the squeeze of a lemon!

Volunteer Invest Volunteer Wellbeing

With tailor made volunteer projects in South Africa, Ghana and India, we have the programmes and you have to power to give your minds the treat they deserve. Unlock potential for a refreshed return.

India – It’s impossible not to come back from our childrens home in India unchanged. Get ready to feel a deeper appreciated for life as we know it. Immerse yourself in a different culture and feel the overwhelming nature of the human spirit. These children have faced adversity many of us cant imagine and now their lives have turned around thanks to the work of the staff here fighting for equality and defending the rights of these children destructively affected by the stigma attached to HIV. Get ready for a real Indian experience living and working with the founder of a the charity.

South Africa – Not for the faith hearted! Get ready to be around the kind of people who are making huge social changes and making an immeasurable impact on the lives of sexually abused children in Durban, South Africa. Tackle the social justice system, help the community and work with schools as you help establish a nurturing and safe environment for around 4,000 children per month.

Ghana – Facing the challenge and testing your limits seems easy when you see the kids at Becky’s Foundation! Find your voice and see the smiles as you take the reins on your mission to teach the children in the orphanage Sport, Art or English, or help them develop and grow in our Child Care programme.


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