Deepak, a well-disciplined child at the children’s home Volunteer Invest work with in India, admitted with a history of continuous health problems (prominently skin infections) and limited access to treatment facilities, which resulted in deteriorated health condition. Proper care could not be ensured after the demise of his parents; responsibility fell on his grandparents who were aged and did not have the basic information and knowledge on HIV care and Treatment. He is from a small village – Kayanpura vas, (Benethi), Kotputali, Jaipur (Rajasthan).

He has been attached to his grandparents since his childhood and therefore took time to mingle with other children at the care home, but after some time he realised and found himself surrounded by friends and became happy in living here and sharing each and every thing with his friends.

Deepak was diagnosed with HIV and was put on first line of antiretroviral treatment. Slowly the CD4 count improved over the years. He is sensitive to dust and develops skin related ailments hence he needs to keep precautions. His BMI score become stronger by attaining normalized spectrum and maintained for a longer period.

Deepak is good at cricket and needed coaching to refine his skills. He is mad for it. He also likes to play football. His other hobbies include listening to music and reading stories.

Deepak is a bright child and performed exceptionally well in his studies. He is among the top students in his class. He is disciplined, less aggressive and well adjusted in nature. Deepak cares for things and is very responsible. He has good interpersonal skills. It has been observed that with a proper motivation / direction he can become a good leader.

Deepak is one of the eldest boys living in FAITH – AALINGAN care home. This year he passed his 12th board exams and wants to study further to build his career. His future dreams are to appear for competitions for government services.

Deepak wanted to pursue his higher studies from a good Government College and based on his good scores in 12th board exams, he secured his admission in Rajasthan University’s Commerce College and continuing his studies as a regular student of the college. Besides he is also preparing for competitions.

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