Challenge – those who test their abilities, fight for what they believe in, or try something new, achieve more in life.


While it is common knowledge that a little competition in work, or personal life can make you strive a little harder and achieve more, the word ‘challenge’ often has some negative connotations.

We expect life to have hurdles, however it is rare that we meet these hurdles with happy faces and welcoming smiles. Studies show that when you are in a challenging circumstance, your satisfaction grows and so does your capacity to learn.


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Go With the Flow

‘Peak Flow’ is a term used by Psychologists to describe the mental state in which you are functioning at your optimal level. This is the place we are all searching for! Imagine you are fully energised, so in tune and focused you forget anything else exists, efficiency at its best and enjoyment that is so encompassing it absorbs your whole being.  When people say, ‘in the zone’ this is what they are talking about, and you couldn’t get there without the challenge…  however, that’s not to say you should attempt open heart surgery to get your ‘Peak Flow’ fix –  if challenges are too hard, stress and anxiety kick in, motivation drops, you become deflated and the task becomes impossible.  Choose your challenges wisely, you don’t want to lose interest or get bored if it is bit too easy.


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Volunteering Abroad – the Challenges and Benefits

Volunteering abroad is a great way to find your perfect challenge. Here’s why –

Learn new skills – challenges arise if we haven’t come across a problem before – When we choose to engage in a problem we choose to engage in a solution. We learn new skills in the process!

Confidence – Volunteering abroad gives us the opportunity to use what we have learnt personally or professionally and put it to the test. Practicing your skills perfects them.

Gratitude – in our unique programmes you have the opportunity to learn and encounter other cultures and other ways of living. You are stripped of some of your creature comforts and things you take for granted. This paves the way for an appreciation you can only get when something has gone!

Inspire others with your story of perseverance – If you are all about change, what could be better than inspiring others to do the same? When you put yourself into a tricky situation you prove to others that they too can give seize an opportunity – the ripple effect of giving!

Getting out of your comfort zone – Working with vulnerable people can be tough on your emotions, but incredibly rewarding. It is in these kinds of situations where we can practice and improve our personal strength by helping others, and improve our emotional resilience.

To really get to know you, it is important to push yourself. To seek out challenges which enable to you grow and develop and experience. Volunteer Invest offers a unique opportunity to experience challenges, in a safe and nurturing environment. Our programmes give you the opportunity to face up to testing situations with support and with other like-minded people, in a way that suits you. Check out our programmes and get excited about taking an incredible journey to the exciting unknown!

South Africa – ‘Operation Bobbi Bear’ rescues and upholds the rights of sexually abused children. ‘Operation Bobbi Bear’ reaches around 4,000 children per months as part of their school outreach programme.

As well as working directly with children, Bobbi Bear trains and empowers the local community. This includes providing training to local Child Safety Officers, promoting this work as a prototype for national expansion.

Get involved in our project in South Africa here.

Ghana – Becky’s Foundation is an orphanage and a school for children in Senya-Beraku, a very historic coastal town. The foundation was set up to provide love and kindness to abandoned children and orphans by a dedicated team of teachers. With tremendous support from family, friends, organisations and most notably international volunteers, a facility has been built to provide a comfortable home for 50 disadvantaged children and to take care of their everyday needs.

Get involved in our Ghana project here.

India – ‘Faith’ is an orphanage in Jaipur, India. It found it’s feet giving educational support for children living in railway stations slums. Now ‘Faith’ is the home for over 50 children ensuring the provision of education, food, shelter, security, growth, and development through intervention and quality care.

Get involved in our India project here


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