Restoring hope for generations in Ghana

Founded by the dedicated team of teacher, Seth and his wife Vivian, the children’s foundation in Senya­ Beraku is nestled in a very historic coastal town in Ghana and was primarily established to provide love and kindness to abandoned children and orphans in Senya­Beraku. With tremendous support from family, friends, organisations and most notably international volunteers, a facility has been built to provide a comfortable home for 50 disadvantaged children and to take care of their everyday needs.

In addition to the orphanage, the project also operates its own school and Soccer Academy. The projects’ volunteering and internship operations in the local communities also help to support credible grassroots projects in healthcare, education, special needs, and community development. These are aimed at enhancing the sharing of experiences, resources, information, skills, as well as deepening inter­cultural relations/understanding and mutual respect.

The work the Ghana Project is carried out by dedicated local staff and constantly assisted by a diverse group of incredible volunteers from all over the world.

In Ghana we are determined to ensure core values remain unchanged endorsing local and international laws with regard to the fundamental rights and protection of children. Ethical, honest, and accountable in all aspects relating to their work they are open to continuous learning, responsible partnerships, new ideas, and creativity towards steady positive growth.

The team work towards a goal to see local communities flourish where each individual can reach his/her full potential irrespective of their circumstances, religion, gender, or ethnicity.



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